Djeco Photo Fun - DIY - Animal Party

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Funny Djeco creative set with masks on sticks of various festive animals of cardboard.

The Djeco set can be used to take crazy and funny selfies, so you and your friends are dressed up as party-dressed animals. The masks are put on a stick so that they can be kept in front of the face, and you have to assemble the masks yourself so you can make your own crazy picture.

The set contains:

  • 24 sticks
  • 8 pairs of glasses
  • 8 guy faces (hair / ears + snout / muzzle etc.)
  • 8 festive hats
  • 8 butterflies
  • 8 accessories (eg carrot, camera, meat bones, etc.)
  • 1 instruction booklet

Recommended age: 4-8 years